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Here's to a crappy new year

Please excuse my sarcasm.

It's the fifth January, and I already want to fast-forward into 2008.

Work sucks.

My boss has replaced me with someone older, wiser and all round better than me. And I've got - wait for it - CARDBOARD.

It's true. I no longer have a telephone or email access. I measure carboard boxes and listen to how I could have done this, that and the other better by Mr. Know-it-all.

And yes, am in a bad mood.

Its like I've been ex-communicated. Can't talk to anyone, no one bothers to talk to me, my boss doesn't even give me things to do anymore. It's like he's taken over my life.

And yes, Roux, I worry about you. Next time, call me/text me/write me an email. I'm not on LJ as much as I was.

Have got some drabble to post, possibly tonight or tomorrow, if anyone fancies a read?
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