Dizzy (dizzy_vv) wrote,

Not that I dislike my sucessor...

Oh no - what we gonna do?
The king likes *insert name here* more than me or you.
Oh no - what we gonna do?
We gotta get him out of here!

We could throw him in the dungeon,
We could let him rot in jail,
We could drag him to the ocean,
Have him eaten by a whale.

We could throw him in the Tigris, let him float a while,
Then we'll all sit back and watch him meet a hungry crocodile.
We could put him on a camel's back and send him off to Ur with a cowboy hat without a brim, a boot without a spur.

We could give him jelly doughnuts, take them all away,
Or we could fill his ears with cheeseballs and his nostrils with sorbet.
We could use him as a footstool or a table to play scrabble on,
The tie him up and beat him up and throw him out of Babylon!
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