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So I figure it's been a while since I had a rant about le housemates. But I really, really don't understand how people can be this selfish. I really don't.

If you look closely, you'll see pockets of white fluff, growing everywhere. I haven't cooked in here for month, it's makes my stomach turn when I walk in. There are flies everywhere because of the stale food that is left on the counters and the washing up that is just...everywhere. Every surface is covered, there is literally no room to cook, should anyone wish to.

The landlord has threatened to fine them (but won't, because he needs them to stay on next year), but this is what 2 guys feel is perfectly acceptable to inflict onto four other people who are unfortunate enough to have to live with them. Since when has it ever been fine to leave your dirty underwear on the shared couch?!! Seriously! These 2 guys dominate the shared area, because it's so disgusting noone else dares go in there. Honestly...if it were me, I'd be seriously ashamed. But they think that this is ok! I mean we have mould and God-knows what else growing all round the kitchen, and it's either left or I attack it with bleach/dettol/flash/disinfectant. I don't know what else to do. At least I leave in 6 weeks (and counting!) But seriously, if the flat isn't left in a hygienic state, the landlord will fine us all...because we all live there. Apparently we have to prove that this is the handiwork of just 2 guys.

At least I have an ensuite bathroom.


Sorry about the rant everyone.
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