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dizzy_vv's Journal

19 June
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Credit to shellie0055 for the banner.

Due to the nature of my lj it is now friends only. Please feel free to drop me a comment, and I'll add you :)

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I am a self-confessed sci-fi fan; Stargate, Star wars, mmpr...lol! Am also a big fan of Harry Potter (books), Lewis and my first love - Star trek Voyager, Tom Paris remains drool-worthy.

I'm a pretty eclectic music person, Enya and classical/orchestral, but also jazz/swing stuff! I write poetry, and love fan fic, read and write far too much of the stuff, drabble sessions are sooo much fun!

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All fan fic written is entirely not mine and belongs to other people, inc. Sega, George Lucas, J.K.Rowling, Paramount, J.R.Tolkien, ITV, Colin Dexter and MGM. If I write stuff that is yours, and I haven't written you here, I am very sorry.

The Captain Proton banner was a fantastic present from daredelvil.

The HBP icon belongs to limmenel.

The BBM "I don't want to leave you" and "dreamy eyes" icons are presents from probodie - Thank you very much!

Both the Hathaway and Lewis icons: "Dear God" and "Partners in Crime" are made by denorios, you are awesome :)

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prurient_badger also has one of these (and yes, I got the web address from her!)
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